Address: 494 Commerce Dr., Madison, WI 53719
Phone: (608) 827-5800
Website: www.yolascafe.com

Yola’s Café is named for the grandmother of owner Lance Ratze. A phenomenal cook, Yola used her immeasurable gift for hospitality and cooking to gather her large family together every weekend. She would cater to them, serving wonderful meals made from scratch – roast beef dinners, waffles, baked pies, malts, and other favorite dishes. Her home was practically a restaurant; she bought used restaurant equipment to be able to make enough food for so many people that they ate around a ping pong table in her basement. Yola’s home was always a place for people to gather, relax, and enjoy life and each other; she would entice everyone with food. Less than 5 feet tall, Yola never sat still and she was in constant motion. The family revolved around her home and her heart until she passed away in 2008. After working in restaurants, Yola always wanted her own café but was unable to realize that dream.

Yola’s Café is intended to provide the same atmosphere of hospitality that Grandma Yola showered upon her family and friends every weekend. Stop by for some baked goods made from scratch in house, a warm cup of coffee, soup, or sandwich, and some conversation. It’s the café Yola always dreamed of, and we hope you enjoy it as much as she would.